Resineros is a research project aimed to develop of prospects that pine resin can offer as a raw material in combination with other materials such as cement, coal, sawdust, pigments, etc. The search for new textures is the guiding force in this project whose main objective is the recovery of large fields of pine forests to be used as a source for sustainable resources.

Various by products such as dyes, emulsifiers, paint removal products, etc., are extracted from pine resin which are then used in many industries as diverse as paper, chewing gum, ink for printers and even medical tools.

The way to collect pine resin, much like collecting cork, is completely artisanal and has traditionaly been a source of income for local dwellers. The resin is harvested with a specific technique that allows the tree to remain productive for up to 100 years.

The following are the benefits of sustainable logging in forests:

  • It prevents the migration of the local population in the territory
  • It provides constant observation as well as information about the condition of the forest.
  • Forest maintenance becomes available which grants access to pine forest areas. This is one of the main problems of the forest due to the accumulation of weeds and therefore the danger of fire in dry seasons.
  • It promotes the reintroduction of domestic species which help with human tasks and are more respectful of the environment than motor vehicles.

The results of this research project are presented by way of a multisensory installation in which the user is invited to interact with the various samples. All of the samples provide the exact composition.

The main idea is to stimulate the interest of consumers and professionals to utilize this raw material of natural origin, found in abundance and which is underutilized. By arranging the results in an open source format, my goal is to promote the replication, improvement and implementation of others.

project developed in Proyecto Algo thanks to the Utopia126 grant and with the chemical collaboration Manuel Riesgo.