Display system designed to be easily built, disassembled and forgotten.


If, like me, you have the conviction that you must arrive to the end carrying less luggage, it will not hurt to free yourself from the extras so that you are able to look back. But keep in mind that everything has a price, and perhaps you will see that you have been as guilty as the rest.

Right at this moment, with everything sounding like a muddle of something you believed in or something someone had explained to you at some point. This, and no other, is the time to reach the end, so lighten the burden on those who will arrive, burn your trinkets, give away your shoes and do not keep anything in boxes.


Exhibition furniture for the collective exhibition “FINAL” ,project curated by Jordi Pallarès para SC Gallery.  Democracia, Grip Face, Jon Irigoyen, Santiago Morilla, Sepa, Javier Siquier y SpY.