Our species has certain features that make it somewhat anomalous within the finite ecosystem that is our planet. We have made the weight of our brain mass the main evolutionary tool over other, more mundane, characteristics. With this brain we have been able to develop strategies that have allowed us to conquer the environment and manage it, at first it was according to our needs and, afterwards, according to our desires.

Desire is defined as an immediate impulse, and therefore, not very sensible, prone to excess and lacking the ability of considering consequence. This “use” of the environment forces us to question, by way of different channels of popular culture, how much longer will the environment’s relationship with extractivism last and what will happen to us once it is completely over.

Exoplanets is a speculative project that departs from the idea of forming a collective imaginary model fueled by popular culture of the twentieth century, its space and the promise of new territories to conquer. It consists of 4 scenarios or planets, the Red Planet, Black, Blue and Green.

These landscapes have been configured from a material made especifically composed entirely of wood waste and pigments of biological origin. In the four dioramas, volumes and surfaces have been created with the intention of defining a characteristic language, in which the strange and the familiar are part of the same idea.

proyecto desarrollado Proyecto Algo gracias a la beca Utopia126 con la colaboración de Manuel Riesgo.