Thanks to my profession I often collaborate with artisans who seek to rethink their products, in these collaborations I share some ideas about the design of objects and how to make them known.

Often in these talks the need arises to propose new ways to market and reach a specific audience. And most of the time Etsy, the craft marketplace, is the answer … at least to start an ecommerce.

This year I’m 10 years old in design, and I’ve never stopped drawing, sketching, illustrating, painting, etc, for me the drawing itself is not an end, it’s something that allows you to communicate and formalize ideas in a simple, fast and above all fun.

So looking through folders I realized that I had many things that I would like to share, so I thought about digitizing my favorite drawings and offer them in a way that everyone can access them.
EFS, Fragile and Symmetrical Balance is the first series of drawings that I have started to digitize, and more than half are already available.