The Blabla chair from the Parkids collection exhibits a pleasant and relaxed stillness of Mediterranean reminiscences; a unique combination of nature, by way of natural fibers, and freshness, by way of the blue, lightweight tube structure.

Upholstered by hand in natural vegetal fibers , with a 12mm steel tube structure it is developed entirely by bending technology using numerical control. The design of Blabla is aimed to last for many years, so it is totally demountable to facilitate future repairs.

Since 2015, the Blabla chair has been part of the cultural heritage of the Museum of Design and Decorative Arts of Barcelona,Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

The Blabla chair is part of the Parkids, experimental furniture collection, designed jointly with Rafel Oliva at Estudio Marina68.

The collection is composed of five different pieces of furniture;


with the collaboration of Industrial PIAM