“imposition is dangerous, rushed assemblies are of dubious reliability”

Stood in front of the certainty of a perishable system, without a clear deadline, Cristian Montesinos orchestrates a series of apocalyptic pieces, illustrations and one installation.

51Tronos is a collection that deals with the structure of vertical relationships and the decomposing state of the symbolic matter, with a sense of neither profoundness nor objectivity.

The throne, as a piece of furniture, is differentiated from a chair, not because of its utility, but because of its connotation as a symbol of power, the peak within a system. This series features a diversity of thrones, be it tribal, feudal, precarious, retro-futuristic, anthropomorphic, high-tech, decadent, absurd or unsustainable. Specifically, they refer to a system that can be qualified with all these adjectives. These elements can be found in a decadent biological state, corrupt and decayed. The decay of matter is unrelated to the processes of use and production, and its only function is representative.


The disassociation of humans from their ‘wild’ state came about through a system of hierarchy and class. This material symbol of the system, the throne, uses diverse materials. They can be archaic materials, like stones, wood, marbles or totemic sculptural elements; technical materials, such as machinery and gears that render kinetic autonomy impossible; animal materials, as the thrones develop extremities with linked interchangeable waste products, from cannibalistic remains from self-phagocytosis, found in perishable organisms.

These thrones evoke staircases that go nowhere, inanimate paradises, columns that stand over human remains and constant references to pop culture. They recall assemblies of pieces that generate architectonic elements, buildings that cannot be accessed, where the lack of people relegates protagonism to objects. They are spaces that are not empty, nor public; their ownership is unknown.

The whole series suggests a dystopian fiction and an import of the objects into the subjects. They are elements that reflect a sinister system of vertical dimensions and relationships.


Marijo Ribas text.
english version by Laia Darder